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Big Cinnamon

by Agony Aunts

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I’m your new merganser, the answer to all your prayers I’m adding on, Paddington Bear Chapel of the Chimes, you’re the apple, the orange, the lime Disturbing me inside the badger’s lair Every sacred mushroom that you toss In the river that I float across Leads me to the shore, with the other 24 On your banks I roost forevermore We're your new mergansers, from Cancer to Capricorn we're following, wallowing, sworn Bottom of the hill, we’re the autumn in March and April Drifting from the places we were born Every holy mountain you can climb In the parks of regents spinning rhymes Leads me to the hive with the other 25 Where she watches bees and bonnets thrive These are true mergansers, the manservants serving Til you've swallowed up hollowed out shells Lady of the lake, for the sake of the summer drake Believe me they've got stories left to tell Every orb that twinkles in the sky Insomuch as we can see them shine Leads me here, betwixt all the other 26 At least it's what the picture still depicts
Family Drugs 03:00
We'll take your family drugs The great dissolver of I You disregard what I say. Guard what I say? I guard what I say. Do you deliberate truth? Liberate truth. How do you deal with your spaniel rage? In perfect places you habitate Will you abstain to your heart's content? Each one of you is the royal them. Bottle it up We'll take your family drugs The great connector of us, The nectar of us. You gave me all that you gave And all that you gave is all that you gave Do you endear to be you? Dear to be you. You're dear to me, you. How do you deal with your spaniel rage Now that you've built your resplendent cage? Will you escape from your locked-up den? Try to retain all your thoughts and jest. Bottle it up.
Big Cinnamon 02:47
I deal in the difficult times of day I've got no up to keep, no bills to pay I steal what neitherwise might decay Speak juvenile politics and keep them all away I've got no devil-headed views And no Luciferous ways until you give me cues We all try to share your schemes-come-true And no more sordid things At least you'll say it too. I know all about being a very good guest Oh yes But I think that trouble is on the way I've been productive, I've been saved Still, you make me think beyond today You'd say Big Cinnamon's dispossessed When turned-out pockets reveal there ain't nothin' left Who plays most everything close to vest? With so much talent concealed, deceit beyond regret I'm sort of scared of what you'll do If this is all the same, I think you're past your due We all try to make appeasement true And no more torpid scenes, at least you'll say it too. I know all about being a very good guest Oh yes But I think that trouble is on the way I've been productive, I've been saved Still, you make me think beyond today I think beyond today.
Lone Ranger, the overture's over Known strangers, betroth to Jehovah Bill tell me this What now? You bow before the hat in the square? One arrow, you aim for the Apple Song sparrows escape from the castle Do a double take Skip town With every man to meet your despair Ad libs and comical lies Inadvisable schemes and the need to survive alone Bad dreams and karma collide When you die for what you live for Beyond what kills 'em Back to back William Tells The out and out wisdom Back to back William Tells Found fables remain for the proving Round table the motion for moving Bill tell me this Why not? You sleep for years inside of a cave? Swiss peasants, we need you to wake up Incessantly wait for the shake-up Tyrannicide Three shots Foretell the tale you read from the grave I've seen the ravens arrive On the side of good deeds That you need to provide yourself The yonder light that you softly could break Is alive in what you kill for The out and out wisdom Back to back William Tells Beyond what kills 'em Back to back William Tells
Undecimber 03:38
I traveled to the end of time, beyond the 13th moon Seeking out the largest prime, the year ended too soon Another month would be sublime, the other side of June Undecimber, hear my tune The ancient Roman calendar, Intercalaris Prior The aging roaming scavenger lets Vulcan share his fire The vagrant roaring amateur, he preaches ere his choir Undecimber, now transpire Undecimber what do you mean? Literally 11, but to you 13 Undecimber where do you stay? Between New Year's Eve and New Year's Day Undecimber what's your Abraxas? Synodic months and extra taxes Undecimber when are you seen? 7 years out of every 19 You ventured to the end of days, beyond the 13th sun Seeking out the largest maze, the extra time was won Another month would be a phase to cherish what was done Undecimber, be the one
We're not the types who build you up But we sanction the flutter in your fife We know you'd like to trade your luck in for wild and ingenious blight We're your own feelings And we got the Jekyll in your Hyde While you pry them loose You stumble around, you twist Your lime in your party favor drink With all of your Bally Table grip God won't give you the diamonds until you've depleted their mines of their penny's worth But the Lord will provide you with endless supplies of dirt We'll help you out, we'll hoist the beams And we'll spade up the treasure we can find We know you've attempted to foil their schemes but we can't save your bores from the tides We're your own demons and we got the Jekyll in your Hyde While you plunge into the brine in the shaft you filled You want me document your feat for all the investors you've bilked If the pirates on Oak Island had filed their retirement plans in the money pit Will the lords have complied with their every demand Will it fall from their lips like the Masons had planned Will you bury the truth, will you dig with your hands? If the Lord will provide you with endless supplies of dirt?
Readers friendly turn the page Place aside consequence Leaps of faith Well you're almost trailing me Feed your den, employ the knaves Pay divine heirophants Keep away When they're always chasing me Mother, will you make sleep? You wear me down Fortune's wheel lies Secrets of a lesser breed Justice, Lovers, Moons agree Extant fragmentary gleeful tales Castle-meeting travelers speak matter, space & time oblique The writer waits instead of me for hours in silence Praetors' men destroy the sage Push aside common sense People pray When they're all unveiling me Swords and cups and coins and staves Adeptus mind Providence Here today, but tomorrow endless grief Mother, will you make sleep? You dare me now Fortune's wheel lies Secrets of a greater creed Empress, Tower, Fool and me Distant supplemental fearful lies Never-ending rulers speak Cleaving up the broods, so weak The writer waits in front of me You'll take no license Teachers gently coin the phrase Waste your life on the Fence Steeplechase Well they're all insane but you Keep your pen Enjoy the day Raise a Flag Apply for grants Defeat the prey Well, they're always chasing you Mother, will you make sleep? You wear me down Fortune's wheel lies
You wont get patience from me Know one more taker for thee? You'll explode all your beakers and be A physical wonder of science You conform to the opulence Couldya stay for the ambulance? You're the free-market robber to fence The chemical blunder of Zion Inner ballast is the winding rope In depletion of the isotope You can see it your microscope Uranium my love You Orange Whip makers of peace Once more you brokered for me You provide all the secret police The technical part of the puzzle You control like an optimist Doesn't help that you're down with this If you do what you're saying you did The man and you meet in the middle In your palace, in your vibrant robes In the privacy of knights and lords You can wonder why you bring me more
You say nothing that I need but oh woman Now you're in my head, twisted and tattered, baby, It doesn't Matter. I don't want us to be torn apart but Oh-No, You can't silence me, Muted and battered. Baby, Just wait and see. Cause there's precious little time, to decode what you say to me And its always, In my mind, all the words that you can't set free And I can't see, you just cast shadows , You and me in silent battle. Let it be or watch this shatter, Could it be, cause girl, Goddammit! so Vague! You're so Vague.. You can't close your eyes girl cause you're hoping, that I'll disappear, You exert power baby, like I don't matter. Just a word or two could fix things up, but we know, that you'll disappear and leave me to prattle, baby, on Endlessly. Cause there's precious little time, to decode what you don't say to me And its always, In my mind, all the words that you can't set free And I can't see, you just cast shadows You and me and silent battles Let it be or watch this shatter, Could it be, cause girl, Goddammit! so Vague? You're so Vague.
The luscious fields of summer left our thoughts revealed, and so we guessed anew. After all, we heard the rushing feel of something else, And what's to be, and what, ourselves, we do Laughing at the world There'll be times you'll all but feel outnumbered There belies all the truth you'll ever tell How we wish for all the complicated things All license, fake poetic themes You take the torch, glow the match, hold it to your feet The poppy seeds have all been hatched The wonder wields a small attraction to The actors and the girls The mordant freeze of winter's back Inordinate deeds, they somewhat lack for you Laughing at the world There were times we all felt torn asunder There were lives where we only lived to tell How we wished for all the somnolence it brings All life is "take what you can see" You make the mold, hold the cast, forge it as you please The autumn tides in sudden ebb No honey guides, no muddled webs in view The chamomile is swirled The southern lights no longer lit No money buys the love that waits for you Laughing at the world
You're all alone, you're in the scene Recharge your rebel mind, and champion all your queens Can you feel it running down Medication absentee Your tender age acquires shame Your line of questions, aching minds, all I can claim If you fear 'em coming 'round Paying time and shifting blame Your trouble now was trouble then You shut the door No room to bend You want to get yourself out Into cool fresh nights You're gettin' good at being found Keep conscientious track of goals on separate rounds Any time you feel afraid Never lose an inch of ground You leave it alone, in the loneliest way Shrinking violet frieze on display You're promising this and you promise me that But you'll probably screen us away You struggle now, you struggle then You pace the floor, you make amends You wanna get the hell out into cool fresh nights




"You're So Vague" video produced and directed by Bobby Chastain.


"Mother Make Sleep" video produced and directed by Heirloom Kate.



released September 22, 2013


KC BOWMAN as Kaiser Buttonwillow; KARLA KANE as Heirloom Kate; KHOI HUYNH as Gil Sans-Heron; CHARLIE CRABTREE as Johnny the Space Commander

ALLEN CLAPP as Sensu Al; WILLIAM CLEERE as Ben E. Hana-Polaroid; JERI SYKES as Baddha LaDuppe; GIL RAY as Gilaboo "Skinny" Oldman; BRADLEY SKAUGHT as Ron Wouldn't; and ANTON BARBEAU as himself

Recorded at Timber Trout Studios, Oakland Calif.

Additional recording in Redwood City, Berlin and Sacramento.

MYLES BOISEN, Headless Buddha Mastering Lab

PAUL KAGIWADA for pkwy. design

Andrew Widdowson, APW Photography




Agony Aunts San Francisco, California

AGONY AUNTS: a Bay Area psych-pop supergroup starring members of The Corner Laughers and featuring members of Preoccupied Pipers, The Orange Peels, William Cleere & The Marvellous Fellas, The Loud Family, The Bye Bye Blackbirds, & Anton Barbeau.

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