November - 5th Anniversary Special Edition

by Ghostly Penguin Display

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"November" was written and recorded in 30 days, in November of 2006 as part of NASOALMO (

Their guidelines state:

(Inter)National Solo Album Month is a fun, free annual competition in which musicians write and record an entire album during the month of November - all by themselves.

NaSoAlMo favours enthusiasm and perseverance rather than perfectionism. It encourages musicians and would-be songwriters to silence their inner critic for thirty days in order to inspire and maximize productivity. The albums are likely to be hastily written, off-time, and out of tune; the main objective is to just do it.

The 8 bonus tracks are Garageband demos done between 2006-2009.


released November 11, 2011

Ghostly Penguin Display: All vocals and instruments,
except - Karla Kane: Vocals on "Radioactive Cat"

Music & lyrics by Ghostly Penguin Display except "Noughts & Crosses" which was written by Hunter/Parr-Davies and originally made famous by George Formby.



all rights reserved


Agony Aunts San Francisco, California

AGONY AUNTS: a Bay Area psych-pop supergroup starring members of The Corner Laughers and featuring members of Preoccupied Pipers, The Orange Peels, William Cleere & The Marvellous Fellas, The Loud Family, The Bye Bye Blackbirds, & Anton Barbeau.

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Track Name: Cedar Waxwings
Cedar Waxwings

Cedar waxwings in my persimmon tree
Cedar waxwings in perfect symmetry
We're relaxing, just you and me
Let the waxwings sing

Cedar waxwings, now they're overdue
Cedar waxwings hanging over you
The exact thing that you never knew

They've been away too long
Where have they gone?

Will you fly back to me, will you utter "I will?"
From a tree just like Julia Butterfly Hill
We will drink panther juice, let our chinchillas loose
In the heat of a toasty orange glow

Cedar waxwings in the November skies
Cedar waxwings, they don't remember why
Track Name: The Amber Tambourine
The Amber Tambourine

The time machine on your finger
Is an ancient instant messenger
Of insects and reptiles and zingers
Of Laura and Adam Schlessinger

The cafe at the edge of the continent
The 6th planet from the sun
The seaside town of daunting rent
And coin operated shot guns

The sloths and coatis so clever
Stingless bees and lizards green
All play the same song forever
On the amber tambourine

Chocolate old fashioned or long johns
Orange Buzzz or Tropicoool
Be careful, don't pick the wrong one
Or fall from the tadpole's pool
Track Name: Wheel Of Darkness
Wheel Of Darkness

Scooter's in the dust bin, dusting like a dark lord
Peanut's in the corner chewing on the cardboard
I'm on the hedgehog playing with the barre chords

Wheeling in the dark like furry little vampires
Lighting all the candles and singing around the campfire
Jim Reese finally brings back the amplifier

Wheel of darkness show me the light
Wheel of darkness roll through the night

Monday and Thursday, Scooter gets a hork check
Javier is downstairs, cooking up some pork, blech
You're on the couch watching Michael York's neck

I'm in the kitchen peppering my head
You're reading chick lit that you've already read
Scooter and Peanut are huddled in their bed
Track Name: Endless Summer
Endless Summer

I'm going cruising in my Woody
Lighting up my barbecue
Turning on the air conditioner
Nice to see you CO2

Waxing up my brand new surfboard
Made from pure Brazilian trees
Once I lived 10 miles inland
Now my front yard is the sea

It's gonna be an endless summer
Let's all hop in the Hummer
It's such a bummer that the water is so warm
It's an endless season
And it stands to reason
That we can't all make it through the next big storm

There's no more fish left in the ocean
The polar bears have jumped the shark
No more oil in the desert
We're left sitting in the dark

Now it's summer the whole year long
No one ever sees the snow
Getting hotter every day now
What we'll do God only knows
Track Name: Rock Hyrax
Rock Hyrax

Rock Hyrax,
Bring me no more tie racks
Stock market buybacks
BNC or triax
Crawl up into my slacks

Sugar Glider,
Spread your wings out wider
House made out of cider
Giant furry spider
Cuddle up beside her

Bush Baby,
How long can your day be?
In the evening maybe
You'll wake up and bravely
Sit upon my grey knee
Track Name: Radioactive Cat
Radioactive Cat

My thyroid is hyper, my uranium's depleted
I eat a sandpiper when iodine's needed
My butterfly shaped gland won't regulate
My abnormally high metabolic rate

Radioactive cat, Radioactive cat
Radioactive Shadow, Radioactive cat

There's a doctor in White Plains
with a condo to place me in
To cure all my night pains
Won't you take me there Stacy Lynn?
Track Name: Sunday Morning Tea
Sunday Morning Tea

Sunday morning tea
Under the orange dragonflies
Listening to Bensky
Awake beneath pagan skies

Off to the farmer's market
We pass by little Stonehenge
Woodpecker on the bark sits
Finally the squirrels get their revenge

Italian man plays polkas
As we eat Russian pastries
And drink Mexican mochas
Everything in town is so tasty

Who gets blasted and who probes?
Check the mail and the friends page
Wearing our velvet robes
We clean the little rodents' cage

Across the great divide
Above and beyond the landlord
Let's go for a bike ride
To look at houses we can't afford

Later in the autumn eve
When the soup is on the stove
We'll dance around like grebes
And watch shows about Karl Rove

Retiring to the boudoir
The chinches have had their hay
Wouldn't it be a good law
If it were Sunday every day?

Sunday morning tea
One day more, why can't we?
Track Name: Peabo

The animated movie is over
The credits are on the screen
Another happy ending
I hope you don't forget what you've seen

You've heard this song already
The one the penguin sang to the fairy
We've changed the instrumentation
To make it more adult contemporary

This is what we call the Peabo
This is the last song you'll hear
Before you go outside to the real world
Let me make this perfectly clear

Movies teach you lessons
Believe in yourself and all that crap
But more importantly:
Buy the toys, buy the soundtrack, buy the DVD
Don't forget the fast food tie-ins
And part two is coming soon
With another Peabo from me