The Record For Ned

by Stik Pinz

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Hey,look! It's a free album of improvised garage rock music, recorded between 6 pm and 10 pm on November 27, 2013. Why? Our buddy Ned is housebound for six weeks or so, recovering from neck surgery... So we recorded this for him to listen to. You know, to entertain him while he recuperates. Laughter is good medicine.


released December 2, 2013

Ish: Guitar and Bass
KC: Vocals and Drums

Lyrics on 3 & 4 courtesy Khoi Huynh via Manzania
Lyrics on 7 courtesy Khoi Huynh & Karla Kane via Manzania




Agony Aunts San Francisco, California

AGONY AUNTS: a Bay Area psych-pop supergroup starring members of The Corner Laughers and featuring members of Preoccupied Pipers, The Orange Peels, William Cleere & The Marvellous Fellas, The Loud Family, The Bye Bye Blackbirds, & Anton Barbeau.

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Track Name: Freedom and Justice
Freedom for the elders who hand down their wisdom
Justice for the veterans, abused by the system
Freedom for the Natives from the tomahawk chop
Justice for the students, pepper sprayed by a cop
Freedom for the invasive Light Brown Apple Moth
Justice for the unclothed man of the cloth
Freedom for the farmworker out on the loam
Justice for the Bart rider trying to get home

Freedom for the bidder who buys land in Utah
Justice for the college with the disgruntled shooter
Freedom for the folksinger singing Dylan and Woodie
Justice for the kid with the skittles and hoodie
Freedom for the blogger on the streets of Cairo
Justice for the banner on the missile silo
Freedom for two dudes who want to get married
Justice for the 16 afghanis now dead and buried

Freedom for the chem-trails we're all underneath
Justice for the ozone that lets us all breathe
Freedom for the freemasons in secrecy cloaked
Justice for the sick guy who just wants to smoke
Freedom for Tottenham, Hackney and Ealing
Justice for those trying to break the glass ceiling
Freedom for miners trapped under the soil
Justice for birds in a gulf full of oil

Freedom for the major league manager who loves Castro
Justice for the fan who sits in the last row

-Khoi Huynh
Track Name: The Gravel Train
Oh I wish I could spend judgement day on a bus in Liverpool
Gather hedgehogs at the river & keep my quiver full
I'd laugh to see your travel plans unravel in the rain
And I wish that I could ride the gravel train

Oh I wish that I could tie your mustache to the finished boards
Stand behind the tracks just as you strum diminished chords
I'd love to see your Scrabble score get baffled by your brain
And I wish that I could ride the gravel train

Oh how I wish that I could hide inside the sleepy London fog
and cling to your dirty sweater upon your evening Jog

Now I fish for compliments until the driver picks me up
Read the sign he grips to mark my landing well enough
I'll let you sleep until we reach the rocky distant shore
awake to find the gravel train once more

-Khoi Huynh
Track Name: Not Enough Monkey Business
Not enough monkey business
The monkeys are out of work
Pay attention to my kitten
Or my kitten'll go berserk

Keep your hands on my baby
Keep your feet off the floor
Give the monkey some more tax breaks
And patronize the monkey's store

Shakin' in the sugar shack
Got your rhythm in my blues
Sippin' shakes in the soda shoppe
In your sundae shoes
Rockin' in the burger joint
In this quaint sounding southern town
Rollin' in the bowling alley
In your ballin' gown

-Khoi Kuynh/Karla Kane