Greater Miranda

by Agony Aunts

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This is the debut album by a mysterious super-assemblage of Northern California psych-pop luminaries. Unconfirmed rumours are swirling that it is The Corner Laughers operating in a Dukes-of-Stratosphear-alter-ego modality... Members of Preoccupied Pipers, The Orange Peels, Bigwheel, and the William Cleere Band allegedly provide vital contributions as well.

"Sorting Out The Rules" video by Ned Stash:

"Linus's Fists Of Death" video by Number One Duane:


released October 10, 2010

Recorded at Timber Trout Studios, Oakland, California
Mastered by Marty Rudnick, Sandbox Records

Starring ... KC BOWMAN as Number One Duane; KARLA KANE as Luscious Fields; KHOI HUYNH as Mike Hate; CHARLIE CRABTREE as Private Rod

Co-starring... ANGELA RHOADES as Lady Hunger; ALLEN CLAPP as Captain Crunchberry; WILLIAM CLEERE as The Bearded Maniac

Also Featuring ... JERI SYKES as Aerial Wilma; SCOTT RHOADES as Lord Hunger; and JOE HAYES as Root Beer Abdul


Art Direction by Paul Kagiwada for PKWY design



all rights reserved


Agony Aunts San Francisco, California

AGONY AUNTS: a Bay Area psych-pop supergroup starring members of The Corner Laughers and featuring members of Preoccupied Pipers, The Orange Peels, William Cleere & The Marvellous Fellas, The Loud Family, The Bye Bye Blackbirds, & Anton Barbeau.

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Track Name: Greater Miranda
Greater Miranda of High West and Church
Made her veranda with cypress and birch
Later Amanda from Middlefield East
Ate her sultanas with little kneeled priests
Trader Joanna on Waverly Ave.
Craters abandoned, we pray for, we have

Lesser Amelia had Laurels and class
Pressed her camellias and florals in glass
Afterward Harriet, searching above
Rafterward, married an urchin in love
Omar Moreno in Heritage park
So far, no rain, nor an air of a lark

Greater Miranda's on the map
Kate has her hands upon her lap
Greater Miranda's on the map
Kate understands that it's a trap

Seneca Fife was offended by such
When was the time of defending by touch?
Sheridan Pepper paged Mill & Cornell
There was one left, or they wilted in Hell
Emerson Bryant, a Homer supreme
Was ever so quiet, alone in a dream
Track Name: Me Being Maximum
I come off as brutal, we might be feudal
In time you'll struggle with this
Your suffrage here, no like to compare
Am I everything you wanted to kiss?
You want more treasure, pain'll equal pleasure
I'm no so sure you'll resist
I'm tougher to face so don your disgrace
I was not so easy to miss

It's all about me being maximum
You being minimum
We'll be so medium and in time we'll settle for this
It's all about me being animal
You being vegetable
We'll wind up mineral in a gneiss cold pile of schist


I come off as cubist, it's all about the rubric
You won't solve me with a twist
I'm solid, alee, and you're followed by me
And I'm takin' you apart with my fist
You're lost and lawless, I'm offering no solace
Adrift while I wordlessly guard
You clawlessly scratch, your paws are no match
Aren'tcha sorry you stepped into my yard?

It's all about me being maximum
You being minimum
We'll be so medium and in time we'll settle for this
It's all about me being platinum
You being aluminum
We'll break through tedium
With your gold, myrhh, silver; subsist


I come off as rapid; you're left looking vapid
You try to get up to speed
The tortoise and hare never taught us to care
Am I everything you thought you don't need?

It's all about me being maximum
You being minimum
We'll be so medium and in time we'll settle for this
It's all about me being tangible
You being ethereal
We'll be so flammable in a white-hot fiery pit

Track Name: Sorting Out The Rules
You're sorting out the rules
Of how you should live your life
You disregard the truth
I'm hoping you'll change your mind

Something in the way you keep me on the kitchen floor
I don't know what the birds and bees are for
You're sorting out the rules
Reporting the grace you find

You're making me smile the only way you can
In taking the role of the martyr
Your shekels are easily spent
I think you belong in the yard where
Everyone's faces are clean
Everyone's faces are clean

Every time you think about the substances you are
And if you're made from something made from stars
You're sorting out the rules
Exploring your space and time

You're taking a while to show your bleeding hands
Comparing your markings to Zlatko's
The sores and sensations of pain
I think you belong in the Cosmos
Where everything waits to be seen
Where everything waits to be seen
Track Name: Night Circling Sharks
We slipped through the dark
Wasted our consciousness, breathing our morals like glue
Night-Circling Sharks
Traded for all of this, needing some normal review

When you see me jumping out of my skin
I'll tell you which of them are haunting me in there
In your lighthouse, bathing the scene
This is your nightmare up on the screen

We're shaken and shocked
Finding your broken and bleeding and bloated remains
I'm waiting to talk, waiting for Amity Police to be cordoning the scene

When you see me tumbling out of my chair
You'll be no worse for lack of something to wear
This is your timeshare, rest of the week
There were no nights where everyone sleeps

Your angels and gods,
Taken you up to relieve you your former physique,
By now have been brought to justice,
Rewarding your soul with remorse and retreat

When you see me standing there on the dock
I'll wish you'd told me what you said when you talked
There in your light house, painting the scene
This is your night mare up on the screen
Track Name: Reap The Plains Sown
Can you feel the tubes glow from where you sit
And will they tell you
I'm not the same discussion with your friends
That you had had

Well, I'm feeling vainglorious
And then I suddenly retract
I'm not afraid to show you what you've seen

I'm still the same old man that I was when I was 10
Keeping to myself, hiding out for days
Calling out in jest, then in rage
There was so much to do and say

Do you think the same thoughts
And do you live a life of pleasure
In all the tame destruction
When it ends will you be sad?

But you reap the plains sown
And then you orally redact
The statements
You've been holding out for years

You're still the same old man
But you're wise beyond your age
Speaking to yourself, shutting out your fate
Falling out of step, keeping pace

There was so much to do
Track Name: Linus's Fists Of Death
Can you make me feel like you're heaven-sent?
There's a God who could say what you might've said
You've avoided the quills of the porcupines
Takes a brain to find out everything

I wanted to say I never have slipped
I'm blaming you society and everyone's lips
A monitor views, a scientist lists
You're beaten to a pulp by Linus' fists of death death death!

Yeah, yeah yeah!
Yes, yes, yes!
Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Do you think I'd want you to be surprised?
When it's one man come here to justify
You could own me like you could read my mind
It's a statement filled with some extra signs

I wanted to pray, I never have guilt
I 'm teaching you sobriety, another glass filled
A monitor's view, a scientist's list
A meager frickin' part of Linus' fists of death death death!

Yeah, yeah yeah!
Yes, yes, yes!
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Track Name: Leland Manor
She wants to build a fortress to keep the daylight in
Cellular and cordless
From Hell you were remorseless
The bell you heard enforces
Disparaged and resourceless
Your carriages were horseless
The darkness fell again

He flaunts a billion fortunes and sleeps with frayed eyes split
Nebular and formless
From where you could not know this
To tell the truth in four steps (on your doorstep)
And quell like Ahmenhotep
The marriage needed forceps
The likeness will again

She haunts the pinyon forest and reaps the hay like wire
Regular and gormless
Degus are in dorm beds
Stegosaurus storm shed
Megastores and warheads
Egg ignores the cornbread
The lightness still conspires
Track Name: Adam's Rib
You were not the first man to make my heart skip beats
To walk upon the earth and to sweep me off my feet
There was a man I met first who turned out to be a snake
Ever since mankind has been cursed, I've had constant heartache

In the beginning there was you and there was me
You let the light in and I'm starting to see
Throughout the ages I never thought I could
But now I just might say that it is good

He spun me a bad apple, rotten to the core
But maybe now that you're here I don't need him anymore
You're not God's first creation but I'm starting to believe
Maybe you'll be my salvation, maybe I can be your Eve

God made the world from upon his throne
Then made Adam and alone Adam roamed
Ol' Adam was hurtin' for a little company
He said "God you created the land and the seas
The mountaintops, the birds and the bees
Can you whip up a little somethin' for me?
And God put Adam in a deep, deep sleep
God reached down and rolled up his sleeves
Took out Adam's rib and with it made Eve
And together they lived in God's garden in ease
'Til Eve started eatin' them apples from trees
But that's another story
Track Name: RB & YM
Rob Black and your money
Track Name: Not Penny's Boat
I suddenly found us in an alternate universe
Time is a record that skips on a scratch
I was your constant, you said you knew me first
Listening to Mama Cass down in the hatch

The moment I saw you I loved you six seasons
Monk in the winery, sailing the sea
Typing the code without knowing the reasons
This was the way life was supposed to be

Flash to the future, electromagnetic
Crash in September, two thousand and four
Our Mutual Friend, a spectral prophetic
Can you remember how it was before?

Not Penny's boat, he thought then he floated away
Not Penny's ship, he fought then he skipped through the days
When will your boat envelop me?
Long lost Penelope

Wearing a suit and working for Widmore
Brother, somewhere my dharma went wrong
Imagine the swan, if only I did more
Back in the timeline where we all belong

They have the papers they need to arrest him
They'll find him unconscious, the lavatory floor
So pick up the pace, no immediate questions
He'll show you his hands when you have to see more

Not Desmond's life, he felt then he drifted away
Not Desmond's fate, he thought then he flipped between days
Is this our love developing?
Long lost Penelope
Track Name: San Rafael In Love
He was a cloud and she was the rain
Counting the sheep on a wheat covered plain
Taunting the tradewinds to make them conspire
Lifting the artists and arguments higher

He was a songbird and she was the perch
Blessing the people returning from church
Bearing the gifts they would both set aside
Burrowing down to the holes in the ground where
they'd chosen to hide

But I hear the sounds of the bells and they ring
with their own separate tones
In the middle of all the pain is when people
evolve and change
And they'll assert they've been around the block

From a broken relationship
To one in which all the plates have been shifted
In one tectonic slip the bride and groom
Are vis-a-vis inside a crowded room

And she was the farmer and he was the land
Planting the seeds and promoting the hands
Harvesting bounties from near and from far
Preserving as much as they can in the cans and
the masonry jars

But I hear the sounds of the bells and for whom
the bells toll are pronounced
Wife and husband indubitably
Unceremoniously they let the ceremony breathe
and sway
Aboard a hand-built ark they two-by-two embark
No cruise director for the bride and groom
On their maiden voyage to their private room

They San Rafael in love
I hear the bells above
They San Rafael in love
I fear for beelzebub
Track Name: Evergreen Park
We'll skip through the park
Maybe we're thoughtless in deeds; we'll explore like we do
I'm Lewis, you're Clark
Making amends with me, ceding inordinate rules

When you see me forming into your twin
I know you'll switch to one who's holding the pin
There in your white lodge Shining & clean
This is your nightmare up on the screen

We'll secretly talk
Blinded by motive, repeating your token refrains
I'll brazenly mock
All of your family's needs to be torn at the seams

When you see me storming into your lair
You'll be so terse, in fact, you won't even care
There in your white maze, frozen & green
This is your nightmare up on the screen